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Premium Beer Customer Segment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Premium Beer Customer Segment - Essay Example This portion rode two of the Maslow’s chains of importance, social acknowledgment and regard needs since they are profoundly energetic by inner self of social acknowledgments and regard way of life. They have a disposition on modernity and looking great and speak to themselves as one of the young men who are perceived in the general public as a rich and having renowned way of life. When drinking brew PPs lean toward full quality lager which satisfy their requirement for manly intrigue and furthermore favored test. Encourage recognized this section as their objective client for Pure Blonde brand however the misguided judgment of â€Å"one of the boys† disposition of Premium Peter could have tear up its driving image Crown. Along these lines, the organization refined this section and situated Pure Blonde as a â€Å"low sugar premium brew with full quality and test† in the Premium Peter portion. In this manner the brand got an upper hand from other premium lager bra nds of its rivals who likewise focused on the PPSs. The clients of Premium Peter fragment understood that Pure Blonde has an additional advantage of low starch just as it likewise fulfill their requirements like full quality lager with test. ... This powerful conversation was unrealistic if the item was offered in glass in the premises. So the organization made this accessible just in bottles. In this way, the verbal exchange began spreading as Foster had made a lager that addresses all the issues of Premium Peter. In this way, the full quality taste and the low starch boundaries have fortify the current upper hand of Pure Blonde. Thus, the upside of low sugar was that it separated the item by a wellbeing positive advantage which other premium lager brands didn't have. This one of a kind advantage w2as the key explanation of fascination of the superior lager fragment towards the brand as the objective section were turning out to be wellbeing cognizant. The weakness is that it couldn't take the consideration of the Premium Larrikin section of clients who are demographically remembered for the Premium Peter yet having lighthearted disposition and appreciate the test a lot of that cognizant about wellbeing. Answer 2 After confr onting a gigantic rivalry in the year 2010, Foster understood that they have to remember ladies for their objective client rather refining the men demography. Thus, the organization understood that there is a consistently unnoticed developing section of ladies who have begun getting a charge out of brew as of late. This specific portion of ladies has begun appreciating lighter lager characteristics of Pure Blonde as a result of two reasons. Initially, this section of ladies already profoundly centered around the vodka, premix mixed drink drinks as a hard beverages and lime and soft drink as premium beverages. As of late they are moving to the top notch lager. Also, females are more wellbeing cognizant particularly about the worry about body weight. As, low sugar

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What Are Some Good Topics to Compare and Contrast For An Essay Or Report?

What Are Some Good Topics to Compare and Contrast For An Essay Or Report?How to choose what are some good topics to compare and contrast for an essay or report, and then write about it? The goal of this article is to give you some tips on how to get started.There are a number of advantages to using topic ideas to help you when writing your essay or report. For one thing, they let you create a world and a character that you can construct in the paper. They allow you to move from the outside world of events, to the inside, to the first meeting of the characters, and on to the last pages.So let's start with what are some good topics to compare and contrast for an essay or report. A topic idea is a specific topic that you can use to focus the paper or essay and provide it with something else to focus on.But you also need to consider how useful your topic idea is going to be, when it comes to writing an essay or report. Not every topic is going to be relevant to every student. Therefore, you should look at what specific students are looking for in a topic idea, when you want to write an essay or report.If you want to write an essay or report that is going to be useful to all students, then what are some good topics to compare and contrast for an essay or report. It is also important to realize that this is a writing assignment, so there is always room for creativity in it.You can use this same idea to focus group all of the opinions that you have gathered. You can also determine whether or not the opinions of the students are consistent with those of the other members of the group. This is often the most useful for determining if a particular topic idea is going to be of use.Even if there is only one or two people who hold a different opinion about a particular topic, it may be a useful one to check out. The point is, that when it comes to choosing what are some good topics to compare and contrast for an essay or report, your own personal opinion should play a large role in it.You are not simply following the opinions of others, or coming up with topics based on an abstract idea that doesn't seem to have a real world application. You should put more thought into what are some good topics to compare and contrast for an essay or report, and use your own personal opinion to determine whether or not a particular topic idea is going to be of any real value.

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How To Find The Best Informative Essay Topics For Grades 7 And 8

How To Find The Best Informative Essay Topics For Grades 7 And 8Informative essay topics for grades 7 and 8 are becoming increasingly important. With the current situation in the school, this is an area where schools should take more of an active role in creating educational content. If you're a parent looking for informative essays for your child's studies, then you may have some questions about how to choose and select the right topics. You can find that it is not easy, but with the right information, it can be made easier.Education, or better known as academic writing is one of the most important factor that will determine what your child will learn in school. The same is true for grades 7 and 8. Educational essays are not the only topics to consider though. This is true for grade seven and eight too. There are many different types of topics that can be used in various courses, but the focus of the topic should be on the subject of learning.Choosing a topic that is relevant to the subject of the school is critical. It is true that the topic of the essay is an important part of the essay. But the amount of research, input, and personal experience that goes into a topic is just as important. Even more important is the person and his or her point of view. That is the key to creating a great essay.It is also important to find out what sort of things the students write about in class. For example, if they talk about cars and bikes in their science class, then it would be good to use these subjects when teaching the students about other topics. As well, a student can learn a lot from observing the teacher's class.Another thing that can help you find out which topics are best for your child is to consider their grade level. Many people think that all of the topics will have the same grades. This is not true though. Students move up in grades change, so these subjects need to be handled in such a way that the student can still gain knowledge. However, it is also imp ortant to understand that there are different approaches that will be necessary for a 7th grader.Some students will have specific learning styles. A certain style can be utilized and then others will be left to just learn the material. It is important to find the perfect balance between the two. Children will often excel at certain topics while struggling in others. They will be able to find the best fit based on the qualities they need to learn.There are many different approaches that will be needed when teaching an essay. It will depend on the age of the student. For instance, a younger student may need to learn a few strategies to make the topic easier to understand and grasp. For the more mature student, there may be specific approaches to the lesson and the essay that will help them learn the material more efficiently.There are a lot of things that will be needed to succeed at writing in high school students, but the combination of all of the different aspects should help them to gain mastery over their abilities. All of these factors are important for making sure that the topics are the best fit for the coursework. The education component of this is equally important as well.

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Millenium Development GolasInnovative Solutions to...

â€Å"MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT IN GOALS†. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO ACHIEVE GOALS† INTRODUCTION; â€Å"NOBODY CAN GO BACK AND START A NEW BEGINNING, BUT ANY ONE CAN START TODAY AND MAKE A NEW ENDING†. Thus, we the students, the pillars of every nation are responsible to be a part of the solution to the problems all over the world. So, we can be a solver to all these problems. This essay mainly focuses on the solutions to eradicate hunger and poverty, to achieve universal primary education, to reduce child mortality, to improve maternal health and also has major portions of solutions to mitigate the environmental endangers. THE MAIN EIGHT CHALLENGING GOALS: GOAL1; Eradicate Extreme†¦show more content†¦Now, the poverty also has its roots leading to the issues such as child under nutrition. This is mainly because when a mother is not rich physically and economically, then, of course, her child cannot have a rich nutrition. So, first of all, poverty must be pulled down, thus, in order to demolish this poverty the following ideas are innovated. INNOVATIVE WAY TO END THE POVERTY BY JOINING HANDS WITH THE GOVERNMENT: The main error for all this poverty line is that we have all the food resources and financial resources, but the thing is that they are â€Å"UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED†. Yes, on one side the rich people get richer and on the other side the poor goes poorer. This coincides with the law â€Å"Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to the other†. Thus, they need to be properly distributed by joining hands together with the government by the following way. Although, government provides many offers, it is not reaching every nook and corner of the country. Thus, an organization must be formed, where many groups need to be assigned for every state in a country ,and there must be subgroups for every district .Thus, they need to survey each and every area in a district and have the statistical report of people suffering from poverty and after this

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Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass - 1760 Words

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Throughout the novel there are stories that affect the reader mainly because they feel the pain and sorrow Frederick experiences through his words rather than another author. An example of an anecdote like this is when Frederick’s Aunt Hester was whipped, which was the first act of cruelty he saw on the plantation. His words conveyed the suffering that was displayed to him, and made him â€Å"hide himself in a closet, and dared not venture out till long after the bloody transaction was over† (Douglass 5). Since it is written in first person, the readers get a glimpse of how petrified Frederick is rather than hearing the facts of the story. Another anecdote is when he describes plantation life where†¦show more content†¦Since Douglass is in every anecdote in the novel readers are able to trust him since he provides detailed explanations of everything that happens. Readers are also able to trust him when he writes a dep ressing story because they can feel the pain and sorrow in his words. He is also a reliable narrator because in the beginning of the novel Garrison and Phillips describe him as an honest, good man. All of theses aspect contribute to him being a reliable narrator and someone to trust. Not only is he a reliable narrator, but he is also a sympathetic one. He elucidates this by his descriptions of his masters by not being too harsh or judgemental. Most slaves would say crude, abusive characterizations about them, but instead Douglass takes the high road. At some points he may describe them with a harsher tone, but overall he is neither arbitrary nor rude. He also displays he is sympathetic by the kind way he talks about his friends, which indicates he is amicable. Several times in the novel Douglass shares emotional and persuasive passages that connect to the readers. An example of an emotional passage is when Douglass finally sticks up for himself against Mr. Covey and fights back. This is emotional for the readers because throughout his time as a slave dehumanization is taking place, but after this scene he turns into a man he never thought he could become. Throughout this scene, the readerShow MoreRelatedNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass987 Words   |  4 PagesLife of Frederick In the â€Å"narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass an American slave written by himself† Frederick reveled to audience the time he was living as a slave and the moments of brutal treats for example psychological, emotional and physical abuses. He was suffering terrible moments during his 20 years as a slave in the twentieth century. In addition, he describes in his own words the strategies he used to escape from the slave holders and to be free. This story the â€Å"Narrative of theRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1730 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the most well-known slavery narratives was lived and written by Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass was a civil rights activist who was born into slavery on a plantation in eastern Maryland in February 1818. His exact birth date is unknown, he states in his narrative, â€Å"I have no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any authentic record containing it.†2 His birth name was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, which was given by hisRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay1102 Words   |  5 PagesDate Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Writing in the favor of black people has always remained controversial from the very beginning. Critics regard such writing as â€Å"a highly conventionalized genre† indicating that â€Å"its status as literature was long disputed but the literary merits of its most famous example such as Frederick Douglass s Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass†¦are widely recognized today.† (Ryan:537) Despite of such severe resistance, writers like Douglass have pennedRead MoreThe Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1566 Words   |  7 PagesThe â€Å"Narratives of the Life of Frederick Douglass† is the story of Frederick Douglass’ life from the time he was born into slavery, to the time he escaped to freedom in the north. When Douglass wrote this book, slavery was still legal in a large portion of the United States. After Douglass’ escape to freedom and his continuation of his education, he became an abolitionist through his works of literatu re and speeches. In â€Å"The Blessings of Slavery†, by George Fitzhugh he states that southern slavesRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1257 Words   |  6 PagesBook Review By Mary Elizabeth Ralls Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass: An autobiography written by Frederick Douglass Millennium publication, 1945edition 75 pages Frederick Douglass whose real name was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey approximately birthdate is in1818, the month or day is not known, he died in 1895. He is one of the most famous advocates and the greatest leaders of anti-slavery in the past 200 or so years.Read MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay1498 Words   |  6 Pagessoutherners believed that one of the most essential means of life was slavery. In the novel, Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass challenges and debunks the idea of slavery being a necessary part of the white lifestyle; many pro-slavery arguments consisted of religion justifying slavery, slaves being â€Å"easily manipulated†/ignorant, and slavery keeping the southern economy from disappearing (The Proslavery Argument). Frederick uses personal experiences and other tactics to expose theRead MoreThe Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1363 Words   |  6 Pages In The Narrative of the Life of Frederic k Douglass, Frederick Douglass portrays the importance of education because of its influence in leveling the playing field between the races in the 1800s. Education and knowledge are themes that are heavily dwelled upon throughout the novel, inspiring the reader to see the full power of such important ideals and to take the full advantage of both at all times. Douglass gives the reader a new appreciation for education as he delivers his message regardingRead MoreNarrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass1255 Words   |  6 PagesFrederick Douglass, throughout Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, uses religion to get many of his points across. In one way, religion plays a huge role in Douglass’ ability to become literate throughout the text. With the Bible and other Christian texts, Douglass is able to further his ability and the ability of others to read. This becomes important because as Douglass points out the slaveholders believe a literate slave is not a good slave. This union of literacy and religion show theRead MoreThe Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass1583 Words   |  7 Pages‘The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass’ is an autobiography of Frederick Douglass, the slave who escaped and became one of renowned social reformers of his time. The book is a collection of actual experiences of the author during his time in slavery and experiences of fellow slaves. He describes brilliantly the oppressive conditions into which he was born, lived, as well as his struggles and triumphs. The author meant to make the reader comprehend life of the African Americans in slavery beforeRead MoreThe Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass939 Words   |  4 PagesRevolutionary Freedom In 1845, an African-American man named Frederick Douglass released a thought-provoking autobiography that would become a turning point in revolutionary change. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass was the first autobiography Douglass had written focusing on the real life struggles he has faced during his time spent in bondage. During his time, it was not common for an African-American to have the skills to read and write, and it was especially uncommon to publish

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Supply Chain Management of the Adidas-Free-Samples-Myassignment

Question: Write a report on Supply Chain Management of the Adidas. Answer: Introduction The report talks about the supply chain management system of the Adidas. Adidas has been selected for the report. It tells that how the supply chain management system helps to increase the revenue and profit of the company. Adidas is one of the biggest sportswear and accessories Manufacturer Company in Germany. Further, the report explains the key flows of the supply chain management and it also describes the planning process and MRP system of the company. It explains that how the company is making strategies to maintain a proper balance between demand planning and demand forecasting within the organization. In addition, it describes that how the company is maintaining inventory system in the organization (Wang, Lai Shi, 2011). Adidas is a German multinational corporation headquartered is located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. The company is dealing with various sportswear products such as shoes, footwear, sports equipment, accessories, and clothing. It is the second largest corporation in the world and it is the biggest sportswear manufacturer in the Europe. There are approx 53,731 employees are employed in the organization. In todays era, the company is expanding and flourishing its business operations and activities worldwide. Adolf Dassler is the founder of the company. It is the largest company measured by the revenue. The company is providing its sportswear products in more than 63 countries around the world (Dickson Fuss, 2011). The key flows in supply chain The supply chain management plays a vital role in Adidas. The supply chain management is the management of flows. It is the oversight of the information, materials, and finance as they move in a process and procedure from supplier to manufacturer, retailer, consumer, and wholesaler. The supply chain management helps to maintain coordination and corporation among the different companies. There are five major flows involve in supply chain management such as information flow, product flow, risk flow, value flow and financial flow etc. It manages and operates flow of products and services in an effective manner. There are various techniques used by the company in supply chain management to attain the long-term goals and objectives of the firm. These techniques can be helpful to evaluate and analyze the threats of the competitors around the world. Adidas adopted a system of reporting and scoring on its suppliers performance. Adidas is well known and reputed company thus; various technique s are used by the company (Mefford, 2011). Adidas supply chain management (Source: Adidas group. Com, 2017) Product flow: It is related to the product breakdown structure. The product flow refers to the flow of products and goods from the producer to the consumers are called as product flow. Adidas is using various strategies and policies to flow the products and goods in an effective and efficient manner. Adidas production system is unique and effective. It manages and produces various sports products through Adidas production system. The main aim of the product flow is to reduce the cost of production within the organization. It will also help to increase the number of customers in the global market (Wang, Lai Shi, 2011). Through product flow, the company is able to manage and reduce the risk of defective selling products which may result in injury to the customers. The company also uses various safety policies to fulfill the goals and objectives of the firm. The product flow process includes the intervention of the various distributors, suppliers, customers, and dealers etc. Through pr oduct flow, the company eliminates and reduces the intermediaries by obtaining the product and goods directly from the manufacturer. Further, the company uses balance scorecard approach to increase the number of customers within the organization (Hoejmose, Roehrich Grosvold, 2014). (Source: Adidas group, 2007) Information flow: This flow plays an integral role to gain long-term goals and objectives of the firm. It is an important to the supply chain management. It includes the demand, change demand, purchase, product description, feedback and queries of the customers. Information flow is the important method of the supply chain management of Adidas. The company provides its sports products and accessories at reasonable prices to attract the more consumers around the world. The employees provide various types of information to the customers related to the quality of the products. The company provides unique and adequate information to the customers to attract more consumers in the global market (Stadtler, 2015). Cash flow: The Company manages effective cash flow in order to meet the long-term mission and vision of the company. The cash flow provides information about the cash receipts and cash payments of the Adidas. The company is gathering the products from their clients to provide sufficient products to the consumers around the world. The customers pay the prices of the sportswear products and accessories to the producers. In this way, the company is able to provide attractive and unique products to customers around the world. The main aim of the Adidas is to fulfill the needs and requirements of the consumers across the world (Monczka, Handfield, R. B., Giunipero Patterson, 2015). Return flow: This flow does not include the revenue and profit of the Adidas. The company uses effective and logistics techniques and methods to handle and manage the return flow of the products. The company returns the accessories and sportswear products if the products are not as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Therefore, it is a very important method of the supply chain management (Ranganathan, Teo Dhaliwal, 2011). Recommendations to improve the key flows of supply chain management Now it is recommended that Adidas is one of the biggest players in the world. The company should focus on the supply chain management system in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of the firm. It should focus on the production system and return flow system to enhance and increase the revenue and profit of the company (Olugu, Wong Shaharoun, 2011). The make process analysis Production planning process The company uses effective production planning process to increase the sales of the company. The company follows transformation process in which raw material and stocks are sent to the factories for manufacturing of the accessories and sportswear products. The Adidas planning process includes scheduling, monitoring, loading, sequencing, and control activities to make the supply chain management more effective and unique. Further, enterprise resource planning system is used by the company to utilize the resources. The company maintains coordination and communication with customers to attract and retain more consumers in the global market. Further, various software is used by the company to evaluate and analyze the needs and expectations of the customers. Through the planning process, the company is able to eliminate and reduce the wastage (Brandenburg, Govindan, Sarkis Seuring, 2014). Production planning process of Adidas (Source: Akrani. G, 2013) Material requirement planning process The material planning process is an important and foremost process of the Adidas. By using material planning process, the company is able to provide various types of sportswear products such as shoes, apparel, accessories, and footwear. Further, master production scheduling plan is developed and built by the company for the production, inventory, and staffing within the organization (Subramanian Ramanathan, 2012). The company has developed a system for maintaining the proper inventory level within the organization. The company uses digital and innovative technologies to improve the material planning process of the Adidas. Along with this, the company uses bills of material to produce the specific sportswear products and accessories within the organization. The company maintains proper communication and collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers to overcome on the competitors in the organization. The material requirement planning process is important to monitor and focus on the a ctivities and operations of the company (Hax, 2013). Justification and recommendation It has been recommended that the company uses effective and unique strategies to beat the competitors around the world. Further, the company should focus on the supply chain management system to enhance and increase the profit and revenue of the company. In todays era, the company is facing various challenges and issues due to poor quality. Therefore, Adidas must focus on the quality of the sports products to increase the number of customers around the world. The company should focus and monitor the activities of the employees to improve and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the organization as well as employees. Apart from this, the firm must focus on the production process and material planning process to manage and control the activities and operations smoothly. In this way, the company is able to increase and maximize the level of satisfaction of the customers in the global market (Bosona Gebresenbet, 2013). The supply chain forecasting Demand planning and demand forecasting Adidas focuses and monitors on the demand planning and demand forecasting to increase the profit within the organization. Technology plays an integral role to do effective supply chain planning and forecasting. By using effective planning and forecasting, the company is able to maintain effective supply chain management in the organization. The company also uses product barcodes to increase the sale of the sportswear and accessories products within the organization. Further, Adidas uses forecasting techniques to predict the future risks and challenges within the organization. The demand forecasting also helps to eliminate the barriers of the market (Atilgan, McCullen, 2011). The firm should also focus on the advertisement and promotional strategies to increase the sale of the sportswear products within the organization. Through demand forecasting, the company can produce right and suitable products at reasonable and suitable cost. The company can use survey methods to evaluate and a nalyze the needs and expectations of the consumers in the organization. The company uses various types of forecasting models such as qualitative, quantitative, time series model, drift model, econometric forecasting model, and native approach. The firm can also use qualitative and quantitative forecasting model to procure the products for the future time period. It is the most effective model of the Adidas. Further, the company can use data warehousing model to predict the demand behavior of the customers. Along with this, the firm uses forecasting evaluation techniques and methods to maintain the proper records of the products. Forecasting evaluation and accuracy techniques are used by the MRP to run the business activities and operate properly and smoothly (Teller, Kotzab Grant, 2012). Recommendations Now it is recommended that the company must use effective and unique marketing strategies to gain success and growth within the organization. Along with this, the company must use the effective and unique technologies and methods to maintain a proper balance between the demand and supply in the competitive environment within the organization. Apart from this, the organization should use collaborative, planning, forecasting and replenishment techniques and methods to predict the demand and supply of the inventory in the global market (Waters Rinsler, 2014). In addition, Adidas must focus on the supply chain strategy to manage and control the activities and operations of the organization. Apart from this, the company should increase the transparency and collaboration in the workplace. Further, the firm should focus on the inventory management to maintain a proper stock of the products. Further, the company should improve and enhance the returns management to manage the stock of the co mpany. The firm must focus on the just in time inventory management to reduce the inventory cost within the organization (de Leeuw van den Berg, 2011). Conclusion On the above discussion, it has been concluded that Adidas is one of the biggest leaders in accessories and sportswear industry around the world. Further, effective and unique supply chain management is used by the company. The supply chain management helps to increase and enhance the revenue and targets of the firm. Along with this, effective planning process and MRP system are used by the Adidas to reduce the future challenges and obstacles within the organization. The firm also monitors and evaluates the needs, requirements, and expectations of the consumers to attain long-term goals and sustainability in the organization. It focuses on the inventory management and balanced scorecard approach in order to determine the long-term success and growth of the firm. Along with this, Adidas maintains proper communication and co-operation with customers in the global market to increase the number of customers globally. In addition, it focuses on the demand planning and demand forecasting t o manage the different activities effectively and efficiently (Wang, Lai Shi, 2011) References Atilgan, C., McCullen, P. (2011). Improving supply chain performance through auditing: a change management perspective.Supply Chain Management: An International Journal,16(1), 11-19. Bosona, T., Gebresenbet, G. (2013). Food traceability as an integral part of logistics management in food and agricultural supply chain.Food control,33(1), 32-48. Brandenburg, M., Govindan, K., Sarkis, J., Seuring, S. (2014). Quantitative models for sustainable supply chain management: Developments and directions.European Journal of Operational Research,233(2), 299-312. de Leeuw, S., van den Berg, J. P. (2011). Improving operational performance by influencing shopfloor behavior via performance management practices.Journal of Operations Management,29(3), 224-235. Dickson, M. J., Fuss, F. K. (2011). Effect of acceleration on optimization of Adidas Bounce shoes.Procedia Engineering,13, 107-112. Hax, A. C. (2013). Hierarchical production planning. InEncyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science(pp. 708-712). Springer US. Hoejmose, S. U., Roehrich, J. K., Grosvold, J. (2014). Is doing more doing better? The relationship between responsible supply chain management and corporate reputation.Industrial Marketing Management,43(1), 77-90. Mefford, R. N. (2011). The economic value of a sustainable supply chain.Business and Society Review,116(1), 109-143. Monczka, R. M., Handfield, R. B., Giunipero, L. C., Patterson, J. L. (2015).Purchasing and supply chain management. Cengage Learning. Olugu, E. U., Wong, K. Y., Shaharoun, A. M. (2011). Development of key performance measures for the automobile green supply chain.Resources, conservation and recycling,55(6), 567-579. Ranganathan, C., Teo, T. S., Dhaliwal, J. (2011). Web-enabled supply chain management: Key antecedents and performance impacts.International Journal of Information Management,31(6), 533-545. Stadtler, H. (2015). Supply chain management: An overview. InSupply chain management and advanced planning(pp. 3-28). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Subramanian, N., Ramanathan, R. (2012). A review of applications of Analytic Hierarchy Process in operations management.International Journal of Production Economics,138(2), 215-241. Teller, C., Kotzab, H., Grant, D. B. (2012). Improving the execution of supply chain management in organizations.International Journal of Production Economics,140(2), 713-720. Wang, F., Lai, X., Shi, N. (2011). A multi-objective optimization for green supply chain network design.Decision Support Systems,51(2), 262-269. Waters, D., Rinsler, S. (2014).Global logistics: New directions in supply chain management. Kogan Page Publishers.